Luis Gonzalez Palma

Luis Gonzalez Palma is a Guatemalan renowned photographer. He was born in Guatemala City in 1957 and graduated as an Architect at the San Carlos University. He studied Film Making, before discovering in photography the perfect means to express his creativity. Since 1987, through photographs that have been subjected to various manipulations, he has presented images of renewed value, deeply rooted in the religious mythology of his country.

It is not by chance That González Palma should appear in a religious Guatemala, a blend of Catholicism and pagan rites, of Spanish and Indian heritage, where cults live on, creatively rendered new by the imagination of its inhabitants. González Palma, draws upon this. The mixed ancestry of his cultural background, so constant, so fertile, nourishes his fancy.

His hand-painted silver gelatin prints portray haunting images of the Mayan people. He captures the essence of these people and their culture by portraying them in theatrical, almost mythological costumes that signify elements of their ancient rituals and beliefs. Their powerful gaze engage and challenge the viewers who then become mesmerized. Emotions, such as pain and sadness the Maya people have had to endure due to a violent and racist government are conveyed dramatically, and often times subtly.  Despite their suffering, the people in these portraits remain dignified, soulful, and rich.