Gustavo Garcia

Watercolor artist – Guatemala

Gustavo Garcia Muñoz ( B. Guatemala, 1948)

Garcia´s work has been through a long search for a real technique, beginning with shapes inspired from nature. His experience with watercolor landscapes has given him a professional quality and the knowledge that allowed him to step into another more experimental and creative level. This decade, Garcia Munoz started a series of watercolors that have a ‘pleine-air’ and an impressionist feel to them, in his intention to capture the movement of the vegetation, the clouds, and the shadows, all with a dynamic  flow.  Little by little, these natural references began a transformation, so that they became more or less abstract and that now show tiny characters that disappear or interlace with each other in a flow of diminutive natural references or represent a sort of urban landscape.

Actually, his watercolors are more “abstract” and clearly break the rules, in the sense that there is no longer a need to fill a space.  In his last paintings there are some blank spaces that in proportion with the painted surface make clear the relationship between figure and background, compared to the perceptions analyzed in psychology of the form.

Between these two spaces, the full and the empty, different shapes are structured and remind us of vegetation seen from above, an urban labyrinth or maze and other non traditional perspectives that make figures and microscopic icons stand out: shapes that give free reign to our memory and recreation.