Alfredo Garcia Gil

Alfredo García Gil

Alfredo García Gil is a self taught, Guatemalan fine artist. Born in Antigua Guatemala on January 26th, 1963.

He has participated in numerous individual and group shows since 1989. He was awarded First Prize at the XX Paiz Art Festival and First Mention of Honor at the VI Biennale of Cuenca in Ecuador in his younger years and many others later in his career. He has participated in exhibitions in Guatemala, France, Spain, The United States and Ecuador.

García Gil’s paintings are intensely Guatemalan in image and statement. In his works he brings the political and social problems of his country to the light of the public to raise awareness. His favourite themes are children at work, poverty, the consequences of overpopulation, prostitution, consumerism, lack of security, crime, etc, all of which are conveyed harshly but not without a touch of humour; one of his recourses to soften reality.  It is no surprise, that some of his social commentary pieces have been censored and denied participation into certain exhibits due to the confrontational subject matter.

His concern about his country losing its cultural traditions has  inspired a popular series which he calls “endangered species”.  In these, several of the local religious and picturesque celebrations are portrayed in a cartoonish fashion, incorporating elements of the lore of the country.

Another one of Guatemalan fine artist Alfredo García Gil´s concerns is the abuse of our natural resources, worldwide and in the country.  Some of the rain forests, the natural habitat of the Guatemalan national bird,  the quetzal, are slowly being destroyed due to deforestation.  The quetzal bird then appears in most of his paintings, to remind the countrymen to take action towards the preservation of this endangered species.