Alexis Rojas

 Guatemalan Fine Artist

Alexis Rojas is a Guatemalan fine artist. He was born in Huehuetenango, in 1961. He studied Philosophy at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. He has an academic background in Art and Philosophy, in Europe, Asia, North and Meso America.

“In my pieces I take quotes, extracts and experiences from literary authors that have influenced my life. I am mainly a reader, a lover of philosophy, these facts can change the perception we have of life” says Rojas, adding that each of the lines he has read has influenced his work. “I try to be an illustrator of those stories and poems that I have read. It is a difficult process, which I now try to explain with my art. More than a painter, before anything, I consider myself a reader, “he says. In his work he uses mixed techniques in which he combines watercolor, crayon, charcoal and ink. Among his most important literary influences are the texts of Pablo Neruda, Fernando Pessoa, Jorge Luis Borges and Alejandro Zamba, among others. “Their lyrics inspire me and I hope that viewers will notice in my paintings that inspiration I found in these authors,” he says.