Mario Permuth

New Exhibit: The Third Eye

Opening: Thursday January 17th at 5:00 p. m.

The Artist´s Circle and Art in The Americas are proud to present Mario Permuth´s most recent collection “The Third Eye”. Recent explorations into the Third Eye have inspired the renowned photographer and artist to create a series of works that open the gate that lead to inner realms and higher consciousness. A series of more than 70 bright and colorful digital compositions will be displayed at Centro Cultural El Sitio on 5a. Calle Poniente No. 15 in Antigua Guatemala. The exhibit opens at 5:00pm and will be available to visit until February 17th.

Painstaking explorations into the matter have inspired Permuth to create a series of digital compositions that will expand  the physiological limits of our vision. Intricate and elaborate designs have the power of drawing you in a hypnotic manner, summoning you to engage with it each piece in a very personal manner.  The end result being that we connect with our inner selves and enable our Third eye to awaken. We are sure that these 70 colorful and mesmerizing works will open the gate into your own inner realms and higher consciousness.

The exhibit will be open until February 18th but can also be enjoyed online.

To open up your Third Eye follow these instructions:

1. Bring the image closer to your face.
2. Stare at the two icons at the bottom of the piece and then move it away.
3. If you are able to see several other icons, focus on the image on top, then go back to the one in the bottom.  While you do this, meditate on what you see.


Artist´s Statement

About this collection, Mario Permuth says that, “generally speaking, a photo is something that one “sees” only – yet sometimes it also evokes that which it shows (people see something in it) while restraining the observer to a square or rectangle, within which he is imprisoned.   My digital art is born from a photographic source, but this time it pretends, with its inverted perspective- as presented to the observer, that he can also see within himself.   How? Why?   Because it opens up the 3rd eye that we all have but only a few of us have developed or know how to use.   If someone establishes a relationship with one of these pieces, (call it his/her piece) it becomes an auxiliary instrument of meditation.   We are able to see inside of us, our environment is also enriched because of it.   Our world is expanded when we meditate, most importantly, one of the most difficult processes in life starts to happen: we start knowing ourselves.   I trust that these pieces are an invisible emotional vessel leading us to the mental state that allows us to “feel” ourselves. That particular feeling that comes from the awareness, not only of our existence, but also of the origin of it; of the miracle of existing and how that miracle is renewed every day to our own benefit.