Erwin Guillermo

Erwin Guillermo b. 1951 is an established expressionist artist born in Guatemala. His creative production started in the 60s and throughout  the 50 years of 30 years it has been enriched constantly with many experiences, acquired through his constant curiosity to explore new ways of expression. The intelligent management of artistic mediums has given him the capacity to excel in different techniques and express his own experimental manifestations to a level that situates him between the best artists of his generation. His expressionistic, figurative and symbolic style comes to us through his fruits, animals, flowers, and masks combined with sensual and stylized human forms, transmitting to the spectator the emotion, intuition and creativity that the artist manifests consistently in his work. His inspiration comes from different sources that go from the political to the poetical sublimation of his lifetime experiences. With all these resources he is able to transmit the necessary emotion to open the channels of communication between the viewer and the creation of the artist.