Cesar Pineda Moncrieff

Cesar Pineda Moncrieff is a self-taught fine artist and graphic designer.  He studied art at the Rafael Landivar 
University in Guatemala City. Since 2005 he has worked for advertising agencies.
For Pineda Moncrieff: "the exploration of consciousness is important in the process of execution, 
the space in which the experimentation takes place, the test and the reactions of the materials 
used are fundamental in the attempt to capture what is not seen. Between each layer used in the 
technique, starting from the preparation of the surface to the last layer, they give rise to an 
introspective trip where as an automatic pilot the steps are taken towards the surface of the work 
as trips towards the unconscious a parallel exploration exercise between the work and I accidentally 
capture the unconscious, texture and materials are of utmost importance to store the exact moment of 
execution. The theme and technique complement each other as spirit and body, the theme is influenced 
by existentialism, space, time, death and fundamentally over everything and nothingness the absolute
emptiness. In this article on Revue Magazine the artist explains profoundly the inspiration behind 
his art. http://www.revuemag.com/2018/10/cesar-pineda-moncrieff-artist-profile/