Alvaro Sanchez

Guatemalan artist

Alvaro Sanchez is a mixed medium contemporary artist.  He is a self-taught designer and graphic artist based in Guatemala City. He has collaborated and published with art and design magazines from around the world. His work has been shown in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Greece and Guatemala City, among others. His artworks are mostly manual and digital collages. His taste for vintage material, period and organic elements are of great relevance to create their textures and shapes. Most of his works are inspired by literature, painting, music and cinema but his main source of inspiration is the city of Guatemala, and its streets. He has also been a columnist in print and digital media.

Artist´s Statement

My work is a very personal vision about the fragility of the human being and condition; a celebration dedicated to our mistakes and the misfortunes that remind us of the imperfect and finite beings that we are. I want the person who sees my work to experience something similar to that feeling that is left when you finish listening to a punk song at full volume.

AMALGAMA, a solo exhibition by Guatemalan artist Alvaro Sanchez.  A collection of digital compositions, paintings and mixed mediums was opened for the first time in Antigua Guatemala at Centro Cultural El Sitio on 5a. Calle Poniente No. 15 the past June 9, 2018.