Sergio Alvarado

Guatemalan Artist

Sergio Alvarado, fine art painter, was born November 7th 1976 in Salcaja Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Although he has pursued art studies he considers himself a self taught artist that has achieved a style of his own. He has shown individually and collectively since 1999 both in his country and abroad.

“Ever since my first baby steps in art, I have been drawn to the traditional clothing that we make in Salcaja, an early Spanish settlement in Guatemala known for its colorful traditional fabrics and its rich imagery; they have both influenced me to paint my landscapes.  I started integrating these rich colors into my paintings and the  result was very picturesque, I was looking for an unique expression that would identify my work. On further exploration I converted my landscapes into something very “typical” (tipiquisimo), which is the name I have baptized my style with. So “Tipiquisimo” is a derivation of the traditional clothing we elaborate in Salcaja and I consider myself a weaver of art.

In my landscapes I integrate our culture, my everyday experiences, I portray houses with their tile roofs and their adobe walls, they get lost in the horizon.  I also try to show a social reality that will create a conscience towards preserving our environment.” Sergio Alvarado.