Art News in Antigua Guatemala, 2019

“The Third Eye” by Mario Permuth

As we begin this New Year, Art in The Americas & The Artist´s Circle have exciting and fresh art proposals already on their way. Such is the case of the new exhibit by renowned Guatemalan photographer Mario Permuth “The Third Eye” to be opened January 17th, 2019 at Centro Cultural El Sitio in Antigua Guatemala.

Painstaking explorations into the matter have inspired Permuth to create a series of digital compositions that will expand the physiological limits of our vision. These seventy colorful and mesmerizing works will surely open the gate into our inner realms and higher consciousness.

By implementing a surprising and non-traditional perspective in these works, an optical illusion of proximity to its audiences emotional and intellectual core is achieved. Permuth admits that his digital art has a photographic source. When facing a photograph, the observer is constrained to “seeing” that which is portrayed. With the use of an inverted perspective in this new series, he aims at developing the ability of seeing within ourselves. Such an action opens up our Third Eye: a skill we all have but only a few have developed or know how to use. If someone establishes a relationship with any of these pieces, it becomes an auxiliary instrument of meditation. Permuth trusts that “these pieces are an invisible emotional vessel leading us to the mental state that allows us to “feel” ourselves. That particular feeling that comes from the awareness, not only of our existence, but also of the origin of it; of the miracle of existing and how that miracle is renewed every day to our own benefit”.

We are very proud to be able to present this novel and fascinating collection. We would like to encourage guests to take their time when looking at this collection since, as we can guarantee you may be able to find yourself in one of them.

This exhibit closes February 17th, 2019 but will be online for a few months.  View the collection online by clicking on this link:

The Third Eye 22 - Mario Permuth - Guatemalan renowned photographer and artist - Guatemalan renowned photographer and artist - Digital Art - 8" x. 10" - US$.250.