Comalapa Art Walk - Naif Art of Guatemala Tour

Comalapa Art Walk

The Comalapa Art Walk is a tour of artist studios in the picturesque town of San Juan Comalapa, known as the “cradle of folk artists” in Guatemala. Here, indigenous Kaqchikel artists have portrayed their traditions, history, and cultural values for decades in brilliant, naïf paintings. The walk takes you to the longest mural in the country. Each of the mural’s images describes Comalapa’s traditions and history, from the region’s early Mayan civilization through the devastating 1976 earthquake, civil war atrocities, and current environmental challenges. 

You will meet and talk to several artists in their studios, including the granddaughter of the artist who founded the region´s distinctive style, Andrés Curruchiche. Oscar Perén´s studio is also open to visit.  he is the famous author of  “La Camioneta”, a colorful picturesque painting of the “The Chicken Bus”.  As Guatemalan Naif art gains attention on the international art scene, Curruchiche’s works and the works of other Comalapa artists are being sought and collected worldwide.

At the Museo de Arte Maya you will see Mayan relics, historic photographs ad more local artwork.

On this 7-hour trip you can either have lunch at a well known restaurant or have one of the artist´s family prepare a traditional Guatemalan dinner. Your guide, Latin American art expert and former gallery owner Estela Vázquez Johnston, will offer insights on the artists, their works, and the distinctive character of the local art.

The tour leaves Antigua at 8 a.m. and is back by approximately 3 p.m. These tours can be organized for groups, couples, and prices vary accordingly. For groups of 6 there is a discount and a minimum of 4 to do the tour. Contact Estela at or phone or WhatsApp (502) 4149-4663-  Find us on Facebook and Instagram: Art Tours Antigua Guatemala