Artist Studio Tours

On a recent artist studio tour Mrs. Poltz was introduced to the works of Alexis Rojas, Carlos Chavez and Arturo Monroy.  They spoke about their work, showed her works in progress, spoke about their future projects and enlightened her on techniques of the trade.

“Yesterday, 26 of July was an incredibly pleasant day for me. I went on an artist studio tour
with Estela Vasquez Johnston. Mrs. Vasquez treated me royally with her
knowledgeable introduction before we knocked at the first artist’s studio, Alexis
Rojas. We admired his beautiful art and listened to the Alexis’ interpretations.
Amazing! I learned a lot about his media. It will surprise you, so discover it on
your own.
Then, we visited Carlos Chavez. We received a warm welcome and the artist
introduced us to his works and talked about the roots and the source of his
inspiration. It was lovely to see his artistic creations. Carlos showed us a painting
in progress and shared a couple of personal stories related to his pictures. That
made the visit even more touching.
We finally were received by Arturo Monroy at his impressive gallery. Arturo has a very vast and diverse collection of his oeuvres d’art. Again, the interpretation and extensive descriptions concerning every piece of art left me in an awe.
Thursday was for me a true inspiration, as I am personally, just a beginner painter. I wish to thank Estela for her wonderful and insightful tour. I also want to thank the three artists who so generously and candidly shared with us not only their art, but also their private homes, their hearts and their minds.”
Bernadette Poltz