Art Tour Antigua Guatemala August 6th 2018 - Alexis Rojas Studio, August 6ht, 2018Art Tour Antigua Guatemala August 6th 2018 at artist Alexis Rojas´ studio. Our guest is Ms. Dee Ann, a partner of Go Philanthropic Foundation and an artist herself.  Rojas introduced her to his latest creations and spoke about his creative drive and inspiration. Artists tend to speak the same language, so, they exchanged tips, besides finding that they have a lot in common.

Rojas is very passionate about reading, his love of poetry and prose are very inspiring. Some of the quotes by the author´s he is reading at the become part of his compositions. Whenever a quote is placed in a particular piece of art work and the match is perfect, the effect of “crystallisation” is achieved. This conveys to the viewer a sense of a totally harmonious piece.

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